Enamel Colours - Stationary Engines & Machinery

Craftmaster's Stationary Engine Colours. We've been supplying paint for Stationary Engines for as long as we've been in business and have a large selection of accurate historic colours

We offer this range in our Engine Enamel in 500ml and 1 Litre tins

Engine Enamel is oil, petrol and heat resistant (150C), though these characteristics depend upon the paint build applied. For example one coat onto bare metal may not offer much resistance to petrol.

For spraying mix 15% synthetic thinners as a starting point. For brushing add a small dose of our PPA brushing additive (if needed!) to a maximum of 5%. Please remember a spray coat is not as thick as a brush coat and compensate by adding extra coats

If the colour you are looking for isn't listed, please get in touch - it may be in our archive.

As ever if you are unsure of anything, or can't find what you're looking for then give us a call - 01954 231 308. We'll be happy to help