Enamel Colours - Vintage Cars

Vintage  & Post Vintage Car Colours are particularly difficult to pin down. So much time has passed since these colours were made and often surviving paintwork has deteriorated to such a degree that matching the remains is not possible. This range will always be a 'work in progress', as we seek to build the most comprehensive offering possible. 

We are currently working with several car clubs and individuals to expand this range but welcome any help available. Do you have any old colour charts or information that may allow us to help other car owners complete their restorations as authentically as possible? Please get in touch if you can help.

For many of the colours specific guidance on which model and year they apply to is available, so please call for advice on your individual requirements (01954 231 308).

We offer this range in our Coach Enamel for Brush or Spray application. All colours are listed in 1 Litre tin sizes. We can produce 2.5 Litre tins on request

For Brushing in difficult conditions add a little of our PPA Brushing Additive (available under Sundry Items) to a maximum of 5%. Do not add Thinners or White Spirit

For Spraying add 15% synthetic thinners. Do not use cellulose or standard thinners. Remember to compensate for the reduced film thickness that spraying produces by adding extra coats

All colours are also available in our Automotive Cellulose at the same price per litre. Orders for Cellulose need to be made by telephone - 01954 231 308.

Please note depending on formulations certain colours may not perform as well as others. Coverage and longevity can be greatly affected by the differing pigments used to make paints. For example the Darkest Red, Blues & Greens will be quite transparent usually, whilst the Brightest Yellows, Reds, & Oranges will not cover brilliantly and may fade much faster than more sedate colours. We strongly recommend seeking our advice before purchasing to ensure the best colours are selected. All colours in this range are made to special order and are non refundable.

Digital colour samples are for guidance only and will vary from screen to screen.