BS4800 Beiges, Yellows, Creams, & Browns

BS4800 Beiges, Yellows, Creams, & Browns

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Coverage: 12 square metres or 120 square feet per litre (aprox)

Undercoats Required: 

Cream High Build Undercoat

BS: 06C37, 06D43, 06D45, 06E50, 06E51, 06E56, 08C35, 08C37, 08E51, 10C33, 10C35, 10C39, 10D43, 10D45, 10E49, 10E50, 10E53

Dark Red High Build Undercoat

BS: 06C39, 08C39

White High Build Undercoat:

BS: 06C33, 08C31, 10B15, 10B17, 10C31

Digital colour samples are for guidance only and will vary from screen to screen.