Complete Signwriting Starter Set

Complete Signwriting Starter Set

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This complete set consists of a full range of materials needed to begin learning to write letters and signs. 

9no Pro Arte Synthetic Chisel Ended Writers No's 0-8

3no Pro Arte Synthetic One Stokes 1/8", 1/4", & 1/2"

1no Pro Arte Brush Carry Case

2no Chinagraph Pencils for marking out (1 Black, 1 White)

5no 125ml Signwriting & Lining Enamels (1 Black, 1 White, 1 French Blue, 1 Bright Red, 1 Mid Chrome Yellow)

1no Double Dipper (or 2no Single Dipper dependant upon stock) & 1 no Plastic Palette Board (may differ from photo)

1no 1/4" Low Tack 14day Masking Tape

1no 3 piece Mahl Stick