Craftmaster Clear Varnish
Craftmaster Clear Varnish

Craftmaster Clear Varnish

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A magnificent Alkyd varnish, that will not yellow as it contains no polyurethane. Clear and flexible with a very high build. 98% UV reflective (more than any comparable product) means near total protection of the underlying coat 

Coverage: 12 square metres or 120 square feet per litre (aprox)

Please Note: Varnish must be 'maintained'. This means touching in any scratches or chips at the earliest opportunity. Vehicles and Boats living outside should be recoated every 2-3 years to maintain the finish - once it starts to appear in need of a recoat it is too late to save and must be removed.

For this reason we do not particularly recommend Varnish for large areas on Narrowboats unless the owner is prepared to keep up with the maintenance or for road going vehicles in danger of stone chips.

If in any doubt about the use of Clear Varnish please contact us on 01954 231 308 - we'll be happy to help