Deluxe Signwriting Starter Set

Deluxe Signwriting Starter Set

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This deluxe set consists of a full range of materials needed to begin learning to write letters and signs. 

9no Pro Arte Synthetic Chisel Ended Writers No's 0-8

7no Pro Arter Synthetic Pointed Ended Wrtiers No's 0 - 6

3no Pro Arte Synthetic One Stokes 1/8", 1/4", & 1/2"

1no Pro Arte Brush Carry Case

2no Chinagraph Pencils for marking out (1 Black, 1 White)

10no 125ml Signwriting & Lining Enamels (Black, White, Bright Red, Crimson Lake, Mid Chrome Yellow, Gold Colour, Holbourn Cream, Lightfast Green, Orange Chrome, French Blue)

1no 250ml PPA Brushing Additive

1no Double Dipper (or 2no Single Dipper dependant upon stock) & 1 no Plastic Palette Board (may differ from photo)

1no 1/4" Low Tack 14day Masking Tape

1no 3 Piece Mahl Stick